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In the early 1800's Swiss watchmaking was truly a cottage-industry.Watches were produced using the "etablissage" method, where individual tradesman working out of small studios or their homes would produce parts (or sub-assemblies) which were then assembled and sold under the auspices of a single brand.

An incredible 92% of the respondents replied that in this situation, they would own a Longines.They pioneered the "broken wire" system, as well as the first "photo finish" mechanism, which linked precision timing with a photographic record of the event.Longines timers are still used in many sporting events, especially equestrian and gymnastics competitions.This is very, very unusual and it is difficult to think of any other product, in any area of antiques, where the same obvious undervaluation has occurred.To return to our comparison with classic motorcars, vintage Longines models, which once held Ferrari status, oddly now command prices that we’d associate with lesser luxury marques like Jaguar or Mercedes.

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