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For those single women and single men who want a long-term relationship with someone really compatible, it can be particularly tricky: if you're balancing a professional life with looking love, or if you're newly returned to the dating scene, it can be hard to know where to go to find a partner on the same wavelength.

Happily, as many singles in London are discovering, there is a place where it's easier to look for love: online.

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There are many great things for couples to do in the GTA: so many, in fact, that we’ve created a list of the 69 best Toronto date ideas – one for each stop on the subway! If you're serious about finding a lasting relationship with a loving, mutually supportive partner, the appeal of online dating is obvious.A reputable online dating site with a focus on compatibility is the perfect place to be upfront and honest about what you are looking for in a partner – and it’s the perfect place to meet London singles who share your dreams.In a truly artistic tribute to Forest City, sculptors Robbin Wenzoski and Neil Cox have dotted London with intricately, whimsically carved tree trunks: walking from carving to carving makes a great date that combines art with unique London heritage.London singles who love the water are spoiled for choice too, both in and out of the city.

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