Libra woman dating capricorn man

I'd recommend him because he always is willing to lend a hand to help out a person, whether he knows them or not. I like my clutter and he just doesn't understand that. Our relationship probably would have turned to marriage, however, he developed a rare form of Cancer and passed away. I have my way of knowing how he's feeling about something. I like the fact the he is very determine but sometimes he doesn't realize that I am human and a Libra female too so I need that attention from him. Initiating sex with my cap is sooooooo slow but then WHOA! But it wasn't all bad we had some great times, just not enough of them .Its nice to see a man help an old lady get something off a shelf because she can't reach. But that is about as bad as he gets and he is one in a million. One was born in January and the other was born Dec. My January Capricorn was the one who I met in my early twenties. He had a day job in the aerospace industry and ran a band in the evenings and weekends. He was social (contrary to the homebody reputation). Its hard not to linger but I am trying my hardest not to. I wanna build a friend ship as well as a romantic one. I wont get into are break-up, it was horrible, but I will say the reason we are not together is because for the first time I refuse to crawl back, begging, pleading, writing letters etc.It has in fact made us grow closer by spending more time apart. I am a woman with a temper, and he is a man with an ego.He often times doesn't know when enough is enough and I have to get really ticked off and to the boiling point for him to finally get the point.very outgoing personable well mannered..looking and loving to me. the sex is absolutely amazing and the best ever he has unbelievable stamina. I'm of course a Libra and I love life and love happiness, I'm rarely angry nor sad.I am a younger charming above averagely attractive female 5'7 weigh 105 23yrs Libra I don't know if that has anything to do with the success of us so far but im sure its contributed. I would be the first to always crawl back to him whenever we broke up... last break up he crawled back to me coz I think he knows im so god damn good to him, and no other girl would treat him like a king like I do. it used to drive me insane coz he acts like my parents haha. then other times he just gets moody and not want to see me seriously who does that?? he tells me he loves me more than life itself etc... I sing out randomly and dance when I feel like dancing. The funny thing is after reading this post I found out many caps love video games it's true for mine as well.

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I was a little on the fence about everything only because I could tell I could really fall for him If I opened myself up...And another thing, he's doesn't take the time out to know me more as a person, I wish he did cause if he did there would be not arguments most of the time and I wouldn't have to think he's cheating or even think about cheating myself. I am working us working as a team but a t the same time I support him in whatever he's doing and stay focus on my goals as well. yes they hard working and would work over time for fun. And a little off in bed meaning they do things backwards. God forbid if he would do any of those things, never in a million years, he's to good for that.This is the roughest but most loving relationship I ever been in, its crazy and nerve rocking. What a shame, that's ok, I don't want to be with somebody that wouldn't do what ever it takes to be with the person they love more than anything because of their stubbornness.If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. I have read your articles with interest, which say this match is a disaster waiting to happen.We have been married for 8 years and I can say this much, it isn't easy going.

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