Leo dating a sagittarius christian women and dating asking men

With so many things in life already going their way, do Leo folks even need lucky numbers, you might wonder?

Indeed they do – Leo are secretly quite sensitive when things in life go wrong.

In fact, Leo folks born on 1st August are often some of the most lucky people anyone could ever hope to meet.

Living at an address featuring the number 1, working at a business that features this number, or even carrying a lucky penny with the number 1 kept good and shiny in your purse, all seemingly aligns the life of the Leo into a powerfully positive direction.

Leo is a fixed fire sign whereas Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, the Leo woman Sagittarius man compatibility gets a FIVE Hearts rating.

Leo women are always ready to fly off with her partner on the next exciting venture – all he has to do is take her hand and let her lead the way.

And her constant need for adoration will become tiring for him.

The Leo woman Sagittarius man couple are both incredibly sexual creatures and they enjoy raising the stakes to keep things interesting between the sheets.She is proud and regal and demands to be placed on a pedestal by her mate at all times.The Sagittarius male in love may not focus on her as much as she’d like, leaving her feeling cold and detached from their love affair.While over our lifetimes we are often educated to consider others in our actions, the setup of karma and astrology in the lifetime of the Leo is such that they are often their luckiest when prioritising themselves first, and letting their blessing ripple out to those around them.It, therefore, makes perfect sense why the number 1 is a lucky number for Leo, and it flavours much of what a Leo person does in life whether they’re cognisant of this or not.

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