Lea michele dating jonathan groff

Aside from being the cutest couple of 2013, Lea and Monteith were also the most supportive couple of 2013, standing by each other’s sides no matter what.

When Corey voluntarily entered rehab for drug addiction in April 2013, Lea was his rock, saying to Corey will be forever remembered in our hearts, as Lea traditionally remembers him every year with an Instagram post.

Although the low-key dating relationship of Jonathan with Zachary didn't end well, their friendship remains strong.

Jonathan Groff in smiles while posing with ex-boyfriend Zachary Quinto at the backstage of Hamilton in August 2015 held at Chateau Marmont.

According to reports, Reich, president of the clothing company AYR, and Lea began dating in July of this year.

They were spotted holding hands after grabbing lunch in New York City and since then have only gotten closer.

Can usually be found singing anything, anytime, anywhere.

Constantly writing for College Candy, Her Campus Pace, and Medium.

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Regardless, it appears as though she had a happy and beautiful wedding day.

I have a low-key (read: obsession) with Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, cats, leather jackets, and lipstick.

Unlike his expectations, things got smooth as butter for Jonathan after his revelation.

The actor even concealed his orientation when he starred in the rock musical, At first, his parents and family members were shocked, but they eventually understood and even appreciated Jonathan.

He eventually started opening to his friends and colleagues.

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