Kenya private sex date

So if a girl carries a condom it makes her come across as immoral, or worse, a cheater.Interviews were carried out by young Kenyans themselves, who were trained in research-gathering techniques to encourage their peers to talk openly.One in five girls get pregnant before they reach 20, with serious consequences for their educational, economic and personal growth.“We need organizations to come together and look at this problem with a 360-degree approach,” says Deacon.We just want to understand the nuances better so we’re better able to provoke a healthy conversation about relationships, sex.” Kenya has million 15- to 24-year-olds, who account for one fifth of the population.There have been some improvements to sexual and reproductive health in recent years, thanks to investment from the government and international partners.When one of the researchers told a male doctor she was 17 and just about to finish school, he asked for her phone number and her Facebook account name.They also found older women at clinics offered unsolicited and, at times, inaccurate advice on different types of contraception, and information pamphlets were hard to find or never restocked.

However, women were said to always plan sex in advance.To better understand why girls are not accessing family planning services, Well Told Story sent out two of its young members of staff to act as “mystery shoppers,” posing as 17-year-olds seeking advice on contraception from public and private clinics around the country.While some of the facilities offered a private and safe space for teenagers to explore contraception options, many revealed a serious lack of privacy.Despite efforts targeting these reproductive health issues, recent studies indicate a persistently high need for SRH information and services, further emphasizing the need for high-quality sexuality education.Nationally, more than a third of adolescents (those aged 15–19), whether married or not, have had sexual intercourse (37% of females and 41% of males), and about one-fifth are currently sexually active (Table 1.1).

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