Is oprah still dating steadman

Actually, let's just take a moment to relive that again... During her speech, the idolized star of film, TV, talk shows, production, publishing and many, many hearts thanked a number of people, including her best friend of nearly 40 years, Gayle King, who was of course sitting at Winfrey's table as one of the VIPs along with Denzel Washington, Willem Dafoe, Barbra Streisand and James Brolin.

And sitting in a place of honor on Winfrey's right was her companion of nearly 30 years now, Stedman Graham, whom on Sunday she called her "rock."We sense that to be near and dear to Oprah's heart means to be caught up in a wave of love, light and infectious inspiration that knows no bounds.

"And he cares about me and has been In 2011, looking back on that time, Winfrey admitted that when she was heavier she felt that she "didn't match what he was in his physical stature. And I knew that when people would see us together that the first thing they were thinking—I certainly thought for myself—what they were thinking was, 'What's he doing with that fat girl? " but such is the complexity of the human experience.

So there was a part of me that wanted to look the best I could for myself, but also to identify—with form again—for the image of what we looked like as a couple.

"I have never seen Stedman respond to a woman's advances," she said.

Robinson told in 1992 that she guessed, although Winfrey was the more boisterous one in public, that her ex was the one who swept Oprah off her feet.Graham & Associates, a management and marketing consulting firm specializing in corporate business and education; and has authored 11 books on achieving personal and business success."Stedman is a deep thinker, a guy who has special perceptions of things,'' Les Brown, an author and motivational speaker who, as the husband of Gladys Knight knows all about partnering a powerful woman, told , based in part on his own experiences.He admitted in the book that, earlier in their relationship, he got angry at a party both he and Winfrey attended in Aspen when a wave of people just couldn't wait to get closer to her, making him feel left out in the proverbial cold.Among the rumors they've faced down as a couple was when in 1988 came the speculation that she was crash-dieting to please Graham."I love Stedman very much," Winfrey addressed the story on her Nov.15, 1988, show—the one where she wheeled out the wagon full of fat and showed off her 67-pound weight loss.

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