Is gabriella and troy dating

Her list included things like a day to the spa, imported towels, only the cutest lifeguards, and fancy imported turkey to snack on.

Where was the iced tea she wanted to drink supposed to be from?

The song was about a girl who was in love with a prince who had been transformed into a very special Hawaiian fish!

She performed the whole song, complete with costumes and backup dancers and an elaborate set, for him right there by the pool.

Unfortunately for Sharpay, this character had some ulterior motives. Until they remembered that they still needed money. They took a job at the country club Sharpay and Ryan's parents owned, but it wasn't exactly the easy summer job they had been expecting.

In the song "Work This Out," they talked about how miserable working there is. Sharpay was pretty clever sometimes but unfortunately, her schemes didn't always work out as she had planned for them to.

In High School Musical 2, he sang Bet On It to express his frustrations. Although the main characters in the series were characters like Troy, Gabriella, Ryan, Sharpay, and Chad, there were also a lot of other characters who were just as important even if they weren't as involved in the story!

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Jimmie "The Rocket" Zara was one of the new characters introduced in High School Musical 3. During the spring musical at East High, Sharpay and Jimmie went on stage together and Sharpay almost had to kiss Jimmie despite not liking him at all. The High School Musical franchise had some seriously heartbreaking moments.Throughout the whole High School Musical series, Troy had some pretty tough decisions to make.Was he going to focus on basketball through the rest of his life or was he going to do more with music and acting?How would he balance his interests with his social life and his girlfriend?In true High School Musical fashion, he solved these issues through song!

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