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The first and most obvious feature is the ability to make phone calls. The bonus is that these calls can often be made completely free of charge and void of any contracts.

Set up multiple SIP accounts and switch between them depending on who has the best rate for your call destination.But for any photographers out there, this is definitely a pretty neat app!Price: .99 The most significant annoyance I run into as an i Pod Touch owner is simply the fact that I often can’t connect to the web when I’m outside of my house.This feature can be even more important to many users as text messaging continues to become more popular than even calling.Fortunately, there are a plethora of texting apps available for the i Pod Touch that allow you to send free texts to whoever you want. “Yep, send and receive unlimited free texts from an i Pod touch or i Phone to any US mobile phone. ” Price: Free AIM doesn’t just do instant messaging, it also supports Facebook chat and SMS texting as well.

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