Intimidating neighbor

Just had an unfortunate encounter with a neighbour who refused to leave my doorstep when asked.

She said we can't tell her to leave because it's social housing.

If they agree then they can serve an abatement law under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Control of Pollution Act in Scotland).

You are also entitled to take out private action by applying to your local magistrates court.

The Noise Act 1996 gives the council the powers to order neighbours to cease their noisy exploits immediately.

They can also confiscate noise-making devices, such as the TV or stereo, and issue a fine.

It is the council’s decision to implement any preventative action and so the grievance should be raised with them for their consideration.

If you can reliably anticipate your neighbour’s noisy pursuits then alternatively you could invite the local authority over to witness the act.

As a particularly common grievance, excessive noise falls under the control of two main pieces of legislation.They are both council tenant and I worriedly have a very dodgy landlord. I am 72 and lived happily in my quiet detached house for 26 years.The last year or so the next door neighbours, got a loud barking dashund, and slam shut their external doors, shaking through my house, up to 20 times a day, all starting very early waking me until dusk day in day out.My husband was gobsmacked when 4hrs later he was sitting out and she coughed again at the collie (who was abused as a puppy and is very nervous) he turned around and she was standing in her doorway recording the two dogs with her i Phone, the Westie has been here for 3 and a half years and the collie for 11 months and I don't know why she is doing this now!The dogs were fussing at a noise a couple of nights ago and I let them out, they briefly barked at someone lurking at the bottom of her garden, I brought them indoors immediately - her retired son complained to my husband about them barking at 1am, so if there's anyone lurking about I'll just leave them to it and won't intervene again!!

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