I used data analytics to game online dating

Picking the stats is easy; interpreting them is hard There are three major college basketball sets of statistics: the RPI, Sagarin, and Pomeroy.

Each has its merits, but I used Pomeroy as my source because the other two put a lot of weight on things like strength of schedule and subjective rankings where it’s assumed that, because a team has been a basketball powerhouse in history or has an experienced winning coach, beating that team or even losing to it is better than beating or losing to a team that doesn’t have either.

For my long-term relation I could be charming and friendly, funny and serious.

If we feel that our hearts beet together we'll do a...

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” That song is supposed to refer to the holiday season in December, but for college basketball lovers, it also means March. Because in the US, it’s men’s college basketball tournament time.

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I uploaded the Pomeroy stats for the 68 teams in the tournament, clicked Predict and chose wins as my target. I join this site with a hope that i will be able to find my man here.I m Honest, gentle, hardworking, understanding,open-minded and passion...Brackets challenged As part of what is now an American tradition, I’ve been completing tournament challenge brackets for 19 years now.Sadly, I’ve only won a bracket challenge once, and that was in 1997.

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