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A year and a half later, Cora is given a night of freedom from her children when her parents offer to babysit.

Marie Claire described the film as "One of the best British films of recent years... Jamie Russell of BBC gave the film 3 out of 5 stars and added "Women Talking Dirty is an above average relationship drama.

She has never been able to reveal to her friend the truth of her son's paternity.

After Daniel's return, Cora realises that she is running out of time to tell Ellen the truth, and all of her friends and neighbours who know her secret urge her to be honest.

Although Cora decides to keep the child, Daniel decides he wants nothing to do with her, and refuses to even pay maintenance, leaving Cora once again a single mother with no additional income.

Years pass, and Ellen and Daniel are going through a rather messy divorce which is left slightly easier by the fact he has taken off to Barbados.

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