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The film was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival on 17 September 1999 The screenplay concerns Cora, an aspiring biochemist and struggling single mother.

She and Ellen, a shy divorced cartoonist, strike an unlikely friendship amidst their own personal betrayals and secrets.

Daniel returns to Ellen following the dinner party and finds immediately that he is unwelcome and Ellen doesn't want anything to do with him anymore.

In the meantime, Cora develops a relationship with Ellen's co-worker, Stanley, and, after a near-death experience, begins to feel more confident within herself and about what she wants from life.

Regardless of the hurt he has caused her, Ellen is still undeniably in love with him and still fully unaware that her best friend's youngest son Col is the son of her husband.

Humiliated, Ellen throws everyone out including Cora, and locks herself in her flat for days, becoming horribly depressed over the fact Cora had the son with Daniel that Ellen had always wanted.The story then catapults itself into the past before the two women met and where their story really begins.Quirky Cora is an aspiring biochemist with intention to go to university but ends up taking a jump towards late teenage rebellion in which she tries drugs and drinks excessively.Ellen splits the money, giving £13,000 of it to Cora to pay the maintenance Daniel had never paid for Col, and taking the remaining money to the bookmakers where she bets the lot on a no-chance horse.Seconds after leaving the bookmakers, Daniel confronts her, having realised his mistake and demanding his money back.

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