Guide on dating vintage rings blind dating site

Acrostic rings tend to be more like eternity rings in style (a band with stones set into it), but the chosen stones spell out a word.

A is for amethyst, D is for diamond, etc - the ring above spells out 'Dearest', how sweet is that!

Or you've taken in the style of jewellery she already owns), you might not be able to articulate it. We're arming you with as many engagement ring styles we could think of, so you'll know what you're looking for - and what to ask for - when the time comes to make your all-important purchase.

These engagement ring styles are the ones you'll find in almost any jewellery shop you walk into.

While you might have an idea of what kind of ring you think your partner would like (maybe she's pointed out a few in shop windows or on Instagram?For an engagement ring look for something delicate, with petal-shaped side stones, swirled embellishment and beading.Retro jewellery covers a lot of different styles over a long period of time, but it's basically modern vintage (think your mam or your granny's rings).With a three-stone setting the centre stone can be a little larger flanked by two accent gems, or all three stones will be similarly sized. A solitaire ring is a single stone ring (sometimes with an embellished band).These rings are all about the rock, so investing in a quality gemstone is key.

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