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Where sister site, Padella, is cheaper, faster, and increasingly difficult to get into, Trullo, which offers the same signature beef shin pappardelle and other Padella hits, is more of a grown-up place to eat and relax. Two chefs — Will Gleave and Pepe Belvedere, both former P.A largely Italian (and largely natural-leaning) wine list is just as considered as everything else. Franco guests — showcase a modern mix of new world fine-dining, as seen in a dishes of chicken hearts with XO or chilli-laden razor clams sopa di lima; and classic Mediterranean, through a regularly changing selection of fresh pasta dishes.Inside, this small, minimalist and welcoming Chinese restaurant proves first impressions can be wrong.Hand-pulled Chinese noodles are their thing: pale pappardelle-like ribbons in, for vegetarians, a deep, umami-rich sauce of soybean paste and zinging Sichuan peppercorns (one between two is good as a main).Mangal 2 is famous for three reasons: one, it prepares excellent, no-nonsense Turkish food from an historic ocakbaşı — grilled chicken, lamb, and quail kebabs, pickled chillies and a classic grilled onion, sumac and pomegranate molasses salad.

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The Marksman’s roast, one of the finest in the city, is worth travelling to Hackney for.

Dark wood, low lighting, white table cloths, and just-put-it-on-the-plate plating characterise it as anti-Instagram. The madness of Turk-ish (sourdough) flatbreads and kebabs by a British chef in Islington, against the backdrop of graffiti tributes to KISS et al., is matched only by its unique style and invention in the city.

Trullo’s spiritual parents are the two most important restaurants of a generation: the River Cafe and St John, so dishes marry Italian traditions with British (and Italian) ingredients, fashioned into delicious antipasti, fresh pastas and secondi, dishes which often do a little time on the charcoal grill. Bright is the first ‘proper restaurant’ from the team behind P. It sits at the base of the multi-use Netil House, near London Fields in Hackney — a light and airy space with an open a bar area up front and an open kitchen responsible for some of the most satisfying and imaginative cooking in town right now.

River Cafe and Rochelle Canteen alumna Anna Tobias followed, with new chef Túbo Logier now turning out the likes of white asparagus with fish sauce “caramel” and chicken skin; pigs brains on toast with sauce gribiche; golden beetroot, blood orange, egg yolk sauce, and lardo; and a tarragon and white chocolate popsicle.

A relatively recent emphasis — in no small part because of a growing relationship between London restaurants and Cornish suppliers — is being placed on English waters.

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