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“What we are trying to do is focus our best content into the sections that are most read,” Phillip Crawley, publisher and CEO of the Globe and Mail, told J-Source.The overhauled A section includes news, arts and life, while the B section includes Report on Business, Globe Investor and sports.Crawley believes they’ve developed enough intelligence about reader habits since Sophi has been in place to apply it to the newspaper itself.“From Sophi data, consistently the most popular thing we do is opinion,” he said. (Print distribution of the Globe has not been consistent across parts of Canada looks like: On weekdays, it’s now two twenty page sections, the width has shrunk an inch, and there is more white space on the page. Globe distribution ended in all of the Atlantic provinces the same day, save a few copies of the weekend edition, which are being flown to Atlantic News in Halifax and sold to Globe fans for .50 a pop.

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But what do you think's lost with your departure?

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The decision to drop the width of the paper to 10 inches was spurred by the positive reaction to the last Globe and Mail redesign in 2010.

Crawley also says that the cost savings of using less paper are not insignificant.

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