Getting back to the dating scene

Smith-Mc Cune has a variety of explanations for this, including that new HPV infection in older women may simply be a reactivation of latent infection and less likely to progress to cancer."The take-home message is that cervical cancer is really rare in older women who get regular screenings and [the HPV] vaccine adds little in terms of prevention," Smith-Mc Cune said.

Well there were slightly fewer of these procedures in the older women who received the vaccine, but not an amount that was statistically significant. "If she is a 40-something-year-old virgin who decides to start dating, the vaccine will be 100 percent effective," Smith-Mc Cune said."She told me I was too old." But recently some of L's 40-something friends have had their first-ever abnormal Papanicolaou (PAP) smear and tested positive for "high-risk" HPV.They've needed regular visits to the gynecologist for colposcopy (an examination of the cervix using a microscope) with uncomfortable cervical biopsies, an ordeal L wants to avoid. Google, she learned that condoms are not an effective prevention against HPV but noticed that the Food and Drug Administration had expanded the use of Gardasil 9 to include women up to age 45.She is an HPV researcher and works in the cervical dysplasia clinic taking care of women infected with HPV."When you look at these studies, you have to ask: ' Effective for what?

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