Gerald levert dating four bases in dating

After discussing the love life of co-star Porsha Williams, Kandi Burruss' own past dating history came to light following Sunday night's episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." When...

Her sprouting career as a young girl began in church and continued under the star-lit influences of Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Billie Holiday. I actually went to the library (and this is not in the movie by the way), but I went to the library and I looked up addiction and it said that I needed medical help and that drugs adhered to your cells. I lost so many friends from Phyllis Hyman to George Howard.

The film had Miki Howard meeting Gerald Levert for the very first time at the launch party for her album "Love Confessions," yet she and Gerald had already recorded a duet that was included on the album.

In fact, they had met and become friends a few years prior to the Love Confessions album.

So, let GPHIGerald and Dedicated Sisters of Tyrese do their thing, cuz I'm going to keep on doing mine. I agree with the G Phi G'ers that Gerald has not received all of the accolades that he deserves for his music but you know what?

A lot of people who win such awards, be it deservingly or not, are not 15 year mainstays in the music industry.

It's an acronym that happens to resemble a greek organizations call letters. I am a greek, but I also know that greeks do not own sororities/fraternities.

So, let GPHIGerald and Dedicated Sisters of Tyrese do their thing, cuz I'm going to keep on doing mine. Jes jokin, Chaos IMO, GPHIG as it refers to the Gerald Levert situation has no relation to greek letters. That’s different to me than a soulmate because I was not complete. Do you feel you’ve reached your absolute best with what God has given you? If you knew what some of these ladies have gone through, it helped me. You have to realize what people you are surrounded by. I feel like Gerald was a huge part of making me who I am. And then you have these bottom feeders that try to take advantage of you. The people who helped me were Aretha Franklin, to Betty Carter before she passed away to Nancy Wilson. I walked on the backs of those women and they took time with me. In an age when our artists are leaving here due to substance, why do you think drug use is the commonality among so many of them who are the best in the world? The abusive situations are plentiful and so many women are still in these struggles. I went to high school in Los Angeles with her brother Mark. So this movie is a way to show that these things can happen to anyone. Why did you choose to begin the story with your mother throwing you out of the house at 15? Yes I started using the drugs with Chaka, but drugs were all around and everyone did it.

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