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In the anarchist spirit of free love Anarchist Speed Dating is open to all..or straight, bi or queer, pan or trans, the monogamous and the polyamorous alike, and everyone in between.

However, it’s either led to men questioning and invalidating anarchism (which is tiring, especially as I’ve newly discovered the ideology) or either not understanding what it is and failing to understand. Is it so wrong that my politics are important to me in the person I choose to date too? I also tried to create a post asking for recommendations for podcasts on anarchism for beginners, but an automated BOT response comes up saying my account is too young to post.Weez: I didn’t even get that, I asked one guy ‘why do you like Star Wars?’ and he said because of the spiritual beliefs of the jedi.So whether straight or gay, at some point you’re going to have to talk to someone you don’t fancy.The topics of conversation are class upheaval, punk rock, and civil disobedience.

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