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This time, because it was from a much more positive point of view, I was able to look outwardly.

So the world became the context of this record, rather than my four walls."The album's ambitious closer is a 16-minute, three-song segue, The Lightning Strike, which at times sounds like a gorgeous combination of Philip Glass sequencer patterns and primal drone rock.

This marks a huge departure, given that his entire recorded output to date has concerned his inability to sustain relationships."I've written six albums about break-ups, and I think that's enough for now.

Maybe there was a faulty mechanism in me that drove relationships into the ground on purpose.

It's much easier to write when you are feeling sad and self-pitying."But there's suffering for your art, and there's just plain stupidity.

I had to know if I could write an album that had a happy ending.

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At the very least, I've got better at judging when I'm about to make mistakes.Gary Lightbody - lead vocals rhythm guitar, piano Nathan Connolly - lead guitar, backing vocals Jonny Quinn - drums, percussion Tom Simpson - keyboard, samples Paul Wilson - bass guitar, backing vocals lightbody also writes most of the bands songs.When Gary was a boy he liked Glasgow Rangers like his friends at school but as he got older and realized the political side of it plus the fact his mind was in music he fell away from football until he and his band recorded in Dundee and went to a few matches with the band and now love the biggest team in Dundee.It is, in my view, an epic, widescreen, decidedly modern rock record (although that is not an opinion shared by many of my fellow critics).While most British rock seems in thrall to the past, Snow Patrol and longtime collaborator, maverick dance producer Jacknife Lee, create huge 21st-century sonic vistas, sparkling with ambient keyboards, glittering with digitally distorted guitar hooks."We make records with everything at our disposal, from things fresh out of the box to things that smell of mothballs," says Lightbody.

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