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It’s time to stop thinking with your head, start thinking with your heart and take a look at the guy who stares back at you every morning when you shave (if you shave). You probably think your Bohemian Baggage (Boho B as I like to call it) is different.You think just because you’re both vegan superstars and don’t watch television and own pet ducks (instead dogs) that live in your bath tub instead of a dog house, and have matching stainless steel microdermal implants with one another’s initials, that the traditional laws governing relationship baggage don’t apply to you, right?When she ponders that “something looks different in the house” and then guesses that it’s your haircut, you feel hurt, silently think about your exodus and how you need to have someone in your life that appreciates you more. When you take your baggage in to get it looked at, you and the baggage repair person may have a conversation that sounds something like this: You may tell your partner how much you admire them or love them, and then you do everything in your power to disprove that with mean, condescending or other hurtful behavior.You might do this as a sort of defense mechanism – you hurt them before you get hurt.

This is why subconsciously, you think that since all your baggage has eventually conked out on you, your new baggage will too.

I currently have 3 male friends who are in 3 different and very distinct gridlocked relationships right now.

Two are in failing marriages and one is in a committed monogamous relationship with a zipper that's stuck.

As a way to determine where you and your baggage stand, especially in terms of a relationship, you test it.

You probably push on your bruises all the time too just to see if they still hurt.

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