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Cameras with built-in infrared LEDs are well suited to reflective tracking, those that only activate in the dark can be made to stay on by covering the light sensor.

Reflective material isn't as bright as using LEDs so the camera's infrared blocking filter may need to be removed.

Technika TKVGACM1 Packard Bell DSC-1 Speedlink SL-6810 Square Webcam - Removable filter.

Gembird CAM66U Emprex PC901 Microalert - OMS19 - Easy filter removal. Logitech Quick Cam Express cameras with PID 0920 (older model) Microsoft Life Cam VX-700 Creative Live!

General considerations: The following camera compatibility list, comprised primarily of webcams, is based on user camera compatibility feedback on the forums.

Sony Playstation 3 Eye (older model)- Easy to remove filter. Labtec Webcam 2200 Labtec Webcam Pro - Strong filter, lens coating, difficult to remove.All have color sensors and an infrared blocking filter which can usually be removed to increase infrared sensitivity but sometimes requires permanent modification.Other types of cameras may need a capture card for connection to PC.Some webcams advertised with 'night vision' just use bright white visible LEDs that are blinding, so be sure the LEDs are actually infrared.Security cameras and car reversing cameras are more likely to have infrared LEDs.

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