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Or a photograph of a girl at the last moment before she fell prey to a series of auditory hallucinations that would plague her for the rest of her life.

What if someone decided to take all those images and turn them into a book?

A photograph of some school children from the turn of the century, for example, whose images are all blurred — a detail no one noticed until they all perished in a fire.

Or a photograph of a Civil War soldier with some damage inflicted upon it — damage which mirrors the injuries he suffered in the war.

She bought it, along with a pack of 96 crayons, and went to work.

Instead, it's become a catch-all term for Internet-based horror fiction, with all of the advantages the medium presents: Although the stories are still usually anchored in text, they're now illustrated with photographs, videos, and much, much more.

It's Saturday, so I'm sure a lot of you are planning on going out tonight. If you're looking for an alternative, though, here's an idea: Why not stay in? And why not curl up with a glass of wine or a mug of hot chocolate and spend the time scaring the pants off yourself instead?

If that sounds like a perfect Saturday to you, you're not alone — that's definitely my idea of a good time, too.

Anyone who's ever spent time playing video games has experienced a freaky glitch or two…but what if that glitch isn't a glitch? And what if that glitch starts finding its way into every single game you play?

“The Princess” gives a whole new meaning to the concept of a computer virus, and if you ever see her, there's only one thing you can do: Turn off the game.

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