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Conventional in-vehicle navigation systems typically access a geographic database contained, for example, on a DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) or some other local data storage medium.Geographic databases include a geographic representation of the roads in the form of a road map vector database.In addition, to initiate an outbound message, your bot must also have the Skype for Business identity of the user or users that the bot will be messaging directly, for example, [email protected] bot also needs to add the Skype for Business Channel entry point URL ( Skype for Business bots can be connected to Skype for Business Server users if hybrid connectivity has been deployed in the environment.

To initiate an outbound message, your bot must be Skype for Business tenant-specific (your code must be written for a bot that will only be deployed in a single tenant, for example, [email protected]).

See the Microsoft Bot Framework Overview to learn how to: Bots can only be added to Skype for Business by tenant administrators of a Skype for Business Online environment.

By selecting Add to Skype for Business, you launch the Connecting your bot to Skype for Business Online page, which has the instructions for registering your bot.

Funded by the NCE GEOIDE research program “Automating photogrammetric processing and data fusion of very high resolution satellite imagery with LIDAR, IFSAR and maps for fast, low-cost and precise 3D urban mapping”.

Note The Skype for Business Bot Framework channel is in Developer Preview and is not licensed for production usage.

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