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However, will Bhavesh’s Indian background be a hindrance, preventing him from being with Isabel? In the 1970s, somewhere in the rural area of Eastern Zimbabwe(Rhodesia),a young man and woman fall in love.An unremarkable occurrence one might think - except that Rob Du Toit is of white affluent stock, and Rudo derives from a struggling black family.Algren’s stories get deep into the lives of the poor without falling into the all-too-common stereotypes or making all his characters sad little victims.Instead, you get a very realistic, very diverse look at the very real lives of the people at the bottom rungs of society, and Algren pulls this off with some seriously beautiful storytelling, too.Many of my friends and family were surprised when I, a black woman, started dating a white guy. I’ve been completely immersed in black and Latino culture my entire life, from childhood to school to what I cook and even a good chunk of what I read and watch in my free time.

Click Here To Buy In the case of white-POC relationships you might think that the cultural sharing is one-sided.

Durrow plays with the boundaries between races, and in the process raises some seriously interesting questions about race and social expectations.

It’s also probably a pretty good read for any interracial couples who are on the track to having mixed babies.

Bhavesh and Harry go on a dream holiday to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Bhavesh meets Isabel, a Puerto Rican girl who he instantly falls in love with. Bhavesh wants their relationship to be more than just a holiday romance.

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