Feminine lesbian dating

It can be hard to find love, and a community, when you’re a femme, and we’re here to help!Whether you're looking for friendship or love; whether you’re a femme into femmes, or simply just a woman into femmes- this is a place where you can finally meet, seek and be found.Our sexual orientation didn't protect us from the notion that femininity equals weakness. I couldn't change; my inherent desire to dress up spoke louder than my desire to fit in.Dressing like a pop singer every day brings me joy.

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Do you know much hustle is required in order to be taken seriously in the workplace when your feet are strapped into platform, patent leather Mary Jane shoes? I'm also not declaring that every work environment favors masculine energy, or that every masculine-presenting woman is teeming with male privilege. And every girl, regardless of her sexual orientation, has to face her own unique set of hardships. You can wear all the crop tops in the world, you can paint your lips in the hottest shade of PINK lipstick ever created, and still be an ambitious boss who pays her own way in this world.My coming out was very hard on my family, my children and of course my husband, but I knew I had to stop living a lie and that eventually being with the woman of my dreams was all worth it.But after five years in the lesbian community, I'm starting to regret coming out of the closet.“I've never experienced discrimination because of my gender in the workplace,” a more masculine-presenting female friend of mine once revealed over a confessional glass of wine.“Well, yeah, that's because you look amazing in pantsuits and talk sports with the boys," I blurted. This is just experience as a femme living in New York City in 2017, baby.)“I don't know. ” a date once said to me when I explained to her that I spent the day studying analytics, editing longform articles and brushing up on my SEO knowledge. I gaze into the mirror every single day and thank my higher power (Lana Del Rey) for making me gay. But that doesn't mean we're safe from the insulting tropes about feminine women. Loving pretty things doesn't mean you're not putting in hours of grueling work."I didn't know you worked so hard."“If only,” I muttered, thinking about the gruesome hours it takes to write a well-written viral article, plus the hours of coaching yourself to not be crushed and terrified by the sexist cyberbullies who write you lovely private messages like "I hope you get raped and die," only to be paid significantly less than your male counterparts for the same job, but who, of course, don't deal with a fraction of the daily harassment and abuse from internet trolls. When I go the lesbian bar with other girls adorned in frilly dresses, there tends to be a collective shock when the femmes say they're CEOs, doctors and lawyers. And it really just goes to show that no matter what scene you're in, whom you're attracted to, or how marginalized of a community you are, femininity is still all too often seen as less powerful, less monied, and less intelligent than masculinity. After all, my collection of Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick doesn't pay for itself.

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