Error validating user Web cam enema

See: Hi, I tried to set service-principal login, but not fully working.I have followed the steps in managing a local AD adding the new application, and granting all the rights to the application.In reference to the solution listed below for developers, we assume that you know the basics of the API call you are making using access tokens.If you are a complete beginner in the development environment, we recommend reading some detailed coding material to gain insight into access tokens.var microsoft = microsoft

Since there are two cases where users might experience this error, we have listed two solutions.

You can check the official documentation on How-To: Handle expired access tokens by Facebook itself.

Note: In some cases in the development environment, users have the Remove offline_access permission enabled.

If you are using the Facebook API and access tokens for the simplest of reasons (for example using Facebook for validating the signup process in your application), make sure that it is not expired.

Usually, Facebook tokens expire within 2 hours after they are requested from the Facebook server.

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