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The format widely used in Europe and the US settings.You could also change the Domino log format to the one Fail2Ban understands (see settings in the files).#Instance 2 In certain cases, where the mail template file is based on Notes 5.0x or from 6.0 to 6.0.2, the design of the template has been updated to the template file of version 6.0.3, the problem is notified.However, the error will not occur if the template files having a design based on notes 5.0x has not been accessed with any lotus client with version 6.0.3 or later.I have it also tested with Cent OS 6.10 which works a bit different because init.d is used instead of systemd.Disable SELinux Before you can run the log filter, you have to disable SELinux (you could also create a profile for the service, but Domino is also not supported with SELinux enabled).But for now I wrote a small extension manager, which captures the update and writes the original requesting IP in the same format into log. This works for a locally installed proxy, but for a remote proxy you will have to pass the information to the proxy.This could be done with event monitoring configurations (run a program, start an agent, etc) based on the log information.

Sometimes, the unread mail messages count reflects a number that is greater than the number of messages present in the folder Here, we will discuss the reasons for the occurrence of such type of error and possible measures to resolve it competently.

Edit|Unread Mark|Mark Selected unread Now, the “Unread Counter” will display the correct count.

Notes 6.0.3-6.0.4 & Notes 6.5-6.5.2 Versions If you have the database on Domino server then you need to update both the server and client versions For repairing the database, that shows up error of Lotus Notes unread marks, create a new replica of the database.

But I would recommend to change the datepattern in the file instead. And if you need something, that is not listed you can open a ticket.

Example: The second important parameter is in jail.local. I did not enable extra security like the hardened kernel and the more strict security settings. So I had to re-enable ptrace to allow NSD and memcheck to access processes.

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