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(Mdtimers around the area still can remember when people used to drive out of their way to try out the new concrete paving.Workmen making repairs on the paving for the celebration report that it was built in two jcourses—a five-inch layer of a '^ight cement mixture with ag gregae (gravel) and sand, and a second inch-and-a half layer of a heavier concrete mixture.The convention to nominate a candidate was necessary because none of the seven in the primary received the required majority.Andersen asked that a clear field at the convention be given mary.Grooving Visible The repairs have replaced about 10 per cent of the original surface, mostly at the corners of the six foot squares The four inch groovingfi still are visible. which had an early day cement plant that is ne longer operat ing Visit Atlantic Area Farms Atlairtic businessmen are shown as they visited two area farms Wednesday afternoon as part of the Chamber of Commerce agricultural bureau's Town and Country days.One bit of information appar ently lost in the mist« of time is where the cement foi tiie pav ing job came from. In the top photo, Dan Merrick, second from right, and Dale Tanner, extreme right, discuss the c Fartly cloudy and son* Hmmê mm Aaturëay» ♦ HONOLULU (AP) - Atheist Madalyn Murray's family has moved into a temporary home in Honolulu after receiving various offers of shelter—including one from a church. Delwyn Rayson, a Congregationalist minister, said he hop^ the embattled Maryland atheist "finds peace and happiness in Hawaii." The Unitarian Church said it wouki offer the Murray family refuge. Murray, her mother, Bonna Mays; her brother, Jbha D.A search of the early records of Moore's lumber business. It is certain that it did not come from Iowa, be lause the state's first cement p was not built until 1906. Mays Jr.; sons Garth, 9, and Bill, 18; and Bill's bride, the former Susan Abramovitz, 17, arrived in Hawaii under assumed names Tuesday. Poweis of Es U^rville »ut and Howard Sokol of Sibley who | address secret, were the top three in the pri Several members of the family are charged with assaulting Baltimore police.There is a good possibility the cement may have come from Germany, which supplied a lot (tf concrete to the U. The family fled Baltimore after a fracas there with police, and went to Hawaii seeking religious asylum. Murray, 45, a divorcee, won a court suit last year that brought a Supreme Court ban on compulsory prayers in the nation's schools. But Mary Andersen Quits GOP Race SIOUX CITY (AP)--The field of Repu Micans seek^ the nom-mation for 6th District congressman was down to six Thursday and cou M be reduced further if ott Mr candidates fo Uow ttie course of state Rep. Andersen withdrew from the race Wednesday and asked that all but the three top vote getters in the June primary withdraw before the district convention at ^encer July 1.

Reside At Your Own Risk Looks as if disaster is in store for this house on the Louisville ic Nashville Railroad tracks in Memphis, Tenn. Kennedy arrived in this West German capiul today fbr a one-day visit before going to Berlin to unveil a plaque honoring his brother, on the anniversary of the late president's ovation there a year ago. Friday the attorney general will stand in West Berlin's John F.(AP) - A 3- near Philadelphia, Miss., from months old girl, abducted from | Meridian, where he said they Beloit nome Monday night, had been based Three Held in Kidnapping Of Baby was recovered unharmed Thursday by police officers who found Asked how long the troops had been at Meridian, and the baby in a car with a young I whether they had been brought ILICTRICIAN KILLIO MARSHALLTOWN (AP) -Dennis Curley, 27, Marshalitown electrical uurkei, was killed and supp.)rt him im) Wednesda.N when lie came into whatever img odds contact with a high voltage wire iii^ being i Scraotoa má.Atlantic News Telegraph (Newspaper) - June 25, 1964, Atlantic, Iowa PRieifl TATION Normal for Juno -Jun«.Total to Data 5.41 f.23 Normal In Inehos — I Yoar's Total to Data 31.7» •22.09 ■(Total to Data Last Yoar —10.75 TODAY'S PRISS RUN 4J00 Ti MPIRATURff High Yoar A«o Today 90* High Wtdnotday II* Low Last Night SI* Noon Today M* VOL. 112 ATLANTIC, IOWA, THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 1964 SIX PAGES ■ Marines Look For Rights Workers Reward of ,000 Offered by Singer Le Mars to Note 60th Anniversary Of Paved Street LEMARS (AP)~The neighbors will be coming in from mile« around July 3^4 to help Le Mars residents celebrate a case of distinguished community service. The celebration marks tiie eotti anniversary of the oldest concrete-paved street in Iowa and the second oldest in the United SUes.

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