Eric stein still dating jessica

No, the chemistry I refer to, is the repressed, snobbish, girl-next-door character of Jessica, rubbing up against (no pun intended), the free-spirited, wild girl of Helen.They grow to appreciate each other, and to love each other, and finally, to know each other and themselves while we watch. She is a sort of younger, gayer, female version of Woody Allen and Diane Keaton from Annie Hall, combined.

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' The best thing about this movie is the script.Kissing Jessica Stein is a witty little film about girls who are almost lesbians.They have sex, but not because they actually are lesbians. Many men fantasize about having sex with two women who would do many things to him as well as to each other in the process. Two guys looking to score, talk to Jessica and Helen at a bar.I am in complete agreement with Eric (did I just write that?) that these women don't seem genuine as lesbians.

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