Eminem dating life

They had been on-and-off for a while and eventually when Hailie was just 12 months old, Kim had enough and decided to move out. In June 2000, Eminem was arrested for assaulting John Guerrera.

But, in 1999, the two rekindled their relationship and got married in St. Allegedly, John was caught kissing Eminem’s spouse, Kim, in the parking lot of the Hot Rock Sports Bar.

This incident was referenced in Eminem’s song ‘The Kiss’ for his 2002 album, released in 2000, contained one of Eminem’s most controversial songs to date: the infamous ‘Kim’.

Many of his most memorable songs take inspiration from his tumultuous relationships with three significant women: Debbie (Eminem’s mother), Hailie (Eminem’s daughter), and Kim (Eminem’s ex-wife). Kimberly Anne Scott was born together with her twin sister Dawn Scott on January 9, 1975.It starts out with Eminem imitating Kim’s voice as he creates a narrative of him and Kim arguing.The song ends with him portraying an image of murdering Kim for cheating on him.But in true Slim Shady fashion, it turned out to be the exact opposite.Eminem’s ‘Kim’ lyrics are emotionally aggressive, to say the least.

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