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If you’ve ever been a semi-geeky middle class, suburban white male, it will likely pain you to sit through each episode of this show even as you’re laughing at the wickedly funny dialogue and the fantastic chemistry that its four lead actors (Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, Blake Harrison, and James Buckley) maintained throughout.The Inbetweeners obviously struck a chord with a number of folks in the UK, as it scored great ratings for each of its three seasons and spawned two feature films that followed the four gents on vacations to Greece and Australia.—Robert Ham 36.Together, they put the “dead” in “deadpan.” Sheila’s fundead chipperness recalls Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s method of surrounding its dark, psychologically- or physically-upsetting narrative turns with hyper-sunny aesthetics, saturating each shot with catalogue color even when the gore flies.It’s as if the traffic-discussing members of the Saturday Night Live skit “The Californians” were in a Saw movie. The Inbetweeners Original Run: 2008-2010 Creator: Damon Beesley, Iain Morris Stars: Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, Blake Harrison, James Buckley Original Network: E4 A spiritual cousin of sorts to the American Pie films, The Inbetweeners brought UK audiences a glimpse into the love/hate relationship between four high school friends and their pitiable attempts to score with the young women around them.We witness various fashion trends and phases in their lives, personal issues and career triumphs, forging a bond with the characters that carries into their current situations.—Roxanne Sancto Netflix’s horror-comedy follows normal couple Sheila (Drew Barrymore) and Joel (Timothy Olyphant), a real estate duo attempting to raise their daughter Abby (Liv Hewson) right.

Do your kids have to practice solving mathematical word problems?

who is completely oblivious about how much of a joke he is to everyone else in the world.

If this was a Ricky Gervaisshow, that would pretty much be the main joke of the entire series.

That doesn’t mean Netflix’s sitcom lineup is suddenly weak, though.

They’ve all gone to that great streaming platform in the sky—or maybe Hulu, I don’t know.

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