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To be the conduit by which that pureness found its way to our world.

Some have done it for the money, some have done it in service of the art, some have done it because there is simply nothing else for them to do.

By Priyanka Singh Former 98 Degrees band member, Drew Lachey, recently talked with Celebrity Baby Scoop about how much life changed for the better when he became a father. How do you keep the romance alive amidst diapers and carpools?

The singer revealed how his two children, Isabella, 7, and Hudson, 3, learn about values from the example him and his wife set in their household. DL: “Luckily, my kids are out of diapers now so it makes it a little easier.

He has released two other albums after – A Father’s Lullaby in 2013 and Soundtrack of My Life in 2014., among others.

Other reality television shows credits include The Sing-Off, Dancing with the Stars, Clash of the Choirs, among others.

Not one to give up on love and the marriage institution, Nick gave marriage another chance with Vanessa Minnillo, an actress, and model who starred in one of Lachey’s music videos.

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Nick Lachey is one of America’s most successful Music artists and television personalities, he has over 10 million record sales to his name and multiple charting solo albums.

Although he has heavily favored the television side of his career in recent times, Nick Lachey’s voice has brought the purity the world deserves many times in the past two decades.

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Even though the kids are his number one priority, he still manages to keep the romance alive in his marriage to his high school sweetheart. It’s something that every couple has to make the effort to do.

You want to make sure you’re setting the right example for your kids.” CBS: You married your high school sweetheart.

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