Do tall men like dating short women

‘I don’t think Sophie had been with anyone really tall before me.

The first question most strangers ask me is "How tall are you? In one survey, about half of collegiate men required their date to be shorter, while a monstrous nine of every ten women said they would only date a taller man.

But while women say they have a "type"—they love bearded gingers or get off on guys in glasses—they don't filter out man who doesn't meet those specific physical criteria. It's a sweeping prejudice masquerading as sexual preference.If I was 5’9″ or something, I don’t think they would really notice it as much.But there’s such a contrast between us it makes it more noticeable. I’m not going to dismiss someone because they’re tall and just go out with someone who is 5″5. I can’t believe there are so many people interested in us. ‘I feel like I’m a normal man stuck in a tall man’s body.I don’t think it will take him long to outgrow Sophie.’ Despite struggles with selfies and questions about their sex life, Sophie and Miles are happy they’ve found each other, and want to encourage people not to let height put them off someone great. He has to crouch and I go on tiptoes – there is no other way. I actually said that to him before we get together – how do you do it?‘But he said it’s only his legs that are long – his body is a normal size. I just can’t believe that that’s the first thing that people think of.

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