Dinner dating tips

It can often seem a daunting task, picking a wine to match with your meal, but there are a few tips in selecting the right bottle and ultimately making the experience more special!White wine: When it comes to picking a white wine to match, things are fairly simple.We all love going out to dinner, but there are few gestures more romantic and fool-proof than preparing and cooking a meal for that special someone.The effort involved in pulling off a romantic three-course meal might be difficult, but it's sure to impress, and with just the two of you involved it is a much more intimate occasion — so get lighting those candles.With simple dishes like summer salads, pick a simple, easy-going wine like an Italian Pinot Grigio.Red wine: When it comes to picking a red wine to compliment your food, things become a little more difficult and a lot more exciting.Making sure the table is beautifully set is essential: napkins, the best cutlery and water and wine glasses.

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Japanese: There is something incredibly refined about Japanese food and this cuisine should definitely find itself at the top of any list of adventurous dinner ideas for two.Sweet wine/dessert wine: Romantic dinner ideas deserve a grand finale, and a glass of sweet wine might just do the trick.The world of sweet wine is making a huge comeback to dinner tables the world over.Finishing the meal with homemade tiramisu and an espresso affogato will complete the Italian experience.Spanish: The home of flamenco dancing, fiestas and amazing tapas.

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