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Five pieces of theme music are used for the series.

The first opening theme, titled "The World", is performed by Nightmare.

Nightmare also perform the first ending theme, "Alumina", which reappears as the ending theme in the television film Death Note: Relight: Visions of a God and as an insert in episodes 12 and 19. The second opening theme from episode 20 onwards is "What's Up, People?!

" and the second ending theme is "Zetsubō Billy", which also appears as an insert in the TV special "Death Note: Relight: Visions of a God".

On April 14, 2008, Death Note premiered in Australia, where it aired on ABC2 on Mondays at pm.

The shinigami also says that when Light's time to die comes, Ryuk will be the one to write down his name in his book.

Light decides to use the Death Note's power to rid the world of evil and become the god of a new, peaceful world.

Meanwhile, Ryuk tells Light that he is being followed.

He also explains that not only do shinigami get the lifespans of people they have taken before their time, their eyes can see everyone's name and lifespan floating above their heads.

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