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From husband-wife teams acting opposite each other to the couples falling in and out of love on set, here are the 8 Shondaland Stars Who Got Together In Real Life (And 8 Who Are Just Friends)., Frank Delfino and Bonnie Winterbottom share an intense history complete with clandestine meetings, attempts at retribution, and a season 3 tryst that surprised many fans of the show.Her partner, Scott Foley, met a cruel fate on the show, departing Seattle Grace Hospital four years before his wife made her debut, but the prop department reuses the corpses to cut down on production costs.Shondaland romances are known to be tumultuous on and off screen, so Foley and Domincyzk’s union comes across as more down-to-earth, and it seems all the stranger for that.While fans have long rooted for the couple they call Japril, in real life the stars have developed a friendship so wholesome that declared it #friendshipgoals.

Foley’s old friend Jessica Capshaw played his wife’s lover on TV, which must make for some odd conversations when the old friends get together.Dominczyk made her Shondaland debut in the past few years after a prolific television career that was put on hold so that she could stay at home and raise their kids. One such case is Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew, who joined the cast in season 6 and embarked on the type of onscreen romance we’ve come to expect in Shondaland.The two were married in a private ceremony in 2007, and they credit this low-key approach with keeping their marriage strong. It’s rocky, tumultuous, and it leaves the audience and actors hoping for a spot of happiness.In fact, by the time they made it public, they'd already been together for a year.The relationship went public with a surprisingly intimate birthday tweet from Weber to Weil.

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