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If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, how much is a prototype worth?! Including a screenshot of your code doesn’t do much in a case study or portfolio.Show it off in a place where it can give the viewer a real understanding of how you architect your code.

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Note: You don’t need to code to be a UX designer, but you might need to code to get a UX job at specific companies. If you spend any amount of time talking with hiring managers, you’ll quickly find that each is looking for different skills, wants to see it presented in different ways, and consumes the information differently. case study debate, the core problem here isn’t the way designers present their work.In this system, designers can showcase their work in the best ways possible so recruiters and hiring managers can explore to the depth they prefer."It's been a very interesting evening, but I think I might skadoodle, if that's cool." My. Meanwhile, there was a perfectly hatable villain right in front of you the whole least in episode 2.The beautiful Gurki (36) is on a date with Justin (34), also a real estate bro, where he proceeds to tell her she's wasted her life, insults her Indian culture, puts her down for getting divorced, and told her to choose between him and her cat. I could rant about this for hours but I'll let Twitter do it for me.

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