Dating with no friends

The girl who only has male friends is missing the vital gene that enables women to bond with women, and for this, we are wary of her.

Moreover, she leaves us feeling weird when we approach her with level-two innocuous girl talk, such as Okay, we’ll just go f*ck ourselves, but know that this is one fewer girlfriend gained on your roster of potential gal pal candidates.

What I haven’t figured out yet is if the boyfriend-of-the-month actually enjoys spending that much time with one person as much as she clearly does. She’ll just ignore your reminders and you’ll start to feel desperate when it was really her idea to begin with.

This girl might be in the negatives when it comes to girlfriends, but she’s definitely got a surplus of guy friends, as she makes so apparent by her hanging out with them 24/7.

You can’t trust her because she’ll tell her boyfriend everything.

She doesn’t understand one single rule of Girl Code like, "Don’t announce to the entire room that you’re giving me a tampon right now, just do it."This girl spends about 97 percent of her time with her boyfriend and the other 3 percent is split between letting out her sh*ts and changing her overnight bag. I’d also like to point out that you shouldn’t believe the eternal-boyfriend-girl when she offers to set you up with her boyfriend's friends.

When the results are broken down by age it suggests men have fewer close friendships as they get older, with only seven per cent of those under 24 saying there were no friends with whom they would discuss a serious topic but 19 per cent of over-55s.

And while marriage offers lifelong support and companionship, the study shows that married men have some of the lowest levels of support outside the home.

She’ll blow up your spot to a room full of guys faster than she calls “shots” on a man at the bar. If you ask her former friends, they’ll blatantly tell you she f*cked all of them over; if you ask this girl in question, well, she was “just being herself.”And this, my friends, is why the Kristen Cavallaris and the Le Ann Rimeses of the world will never have girlfriends; they always choose dicks over chicks.

They are more than a third more likely than their single counterparts to say they have no-one to turn to outside of the home.

While 11 per cent of single men said they had no friends to turn to in a serious situation, that rose to 15 per cent among married men.

As Hebrew Scripture says, “Iron shapes iron and friend shapes friend,” but what about someone who has no friends? Whereas a loner has no friends because of the personal choice to be alone and miz-understood, a girl without girlfriends lacks them because she sucks on some level (but, of course, if you ask her, she’ll just proudly say she “doesn’t get along with girls” as if “getting along with only guys” is some kind of superior feat). Like, Le Ann Rimes, for example, would really benefit from having a lady friend who can say, “Le Ann, you publicly f*cked over another woman, and now no one trusts you.”Behind every girlfriend-less woman is an egocentric maniac who eats friendly women for breakfast and has no qualms about destroying the bonds of sisterhood.

Here are three major types of girlfriend-less women who should never be trusted: This type of girlfriend-less woman is pretty easy to break down.

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