Dating u s pilots knife

The SOE also supplied a smoker's pipe with a fat stem that could conceal this item.

The magnification is not great; only about 2.5, but that could make the difference between reading signs or not and for scouting terrain.

The first act of survival for the pilot is to prevent yourself falling out of the cockpit during aerobatics - or even ending up under the instrument panel after a forced landing.

No, this is not a piece of bling worn by Glasgow Neds at raves, it is an emergency release knife worn by aircrew of the RAF, RN, and army.Pilots and certain other aircrew carried pistols when flying and the vast majority of these were .380 inch revolvers made by either Webley or Enfield.Early in the war, the pistol was a handy means of holing the fuel tank of an aircraft downed behind enemy lines; to make it easier to set light to - but that wheeze stopped after self-sealing tanks were fitted.The RAF telescopes had a three tube construction and the SOE telescopes had two tubes.The sample shown here is the two-tube variant, which came in a small drawn aluminium container.

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