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Featured Museum Piece: Rare, Valuable, and Highly Collectible Stangl Pieces A selection of unique pottery pieces by Stangl Pottery.

These pieces are quite rare, and are as much a slice of Americana as they are representative of the history of pottery in the United States.

When fire destroyed the factory in 1929, Stangl bought it, renaming it Stangl Pottery.

Six years later, when production moved to Trenton, N.

Stoneware, actually man made stone produced under extremely high temperatures, is well suited for use as tableware.

Martin Stangl, a ceramic engineer hired to develop new shapes and glazes, soon became vice-president of Fulper’s.

It was first known as Fulper Pottery, who Stangl started working for in 1910. In 1928, William Fulper died, and Stangl changed the company name to Stangl Pottery a year later, in 1929.

He left to work for Haegar Pottery in 1915 but came back to Fulper in 1920. In 1942, Stangl started to produce hand-carved, hand-painted dinnerware which became very popular.

After 1935 the pottery's products were marketed solely as Stangl Pottery.

Originally the Stangl line was made by Fulper Pottery, which was bought by Johann Martin Stangl in 1930.

The company name was changed to Stangl Pottery in 1955.

After the designs were traced and carved into the red clay dinnerware, the pieces were under-glazed with liquid white clay, then fired.

Then the designs were hand painted and the pieces were fired again.

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