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If you’re just starting out and need a guide more tailored to you, our best beginners music equipment may be a little better for you to read.As the list goes down further, keep in mind that the priority of said gear starts to decrease.If you haven’t heard of them yet, perhaps you’re new to the headphone game (which is quite fine); however, we recommend you quickly become aware of their gear.

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Our choice: Logic Pro (second pick if you chose a PC: FL Studio) Read reviews\check price: All countries Considering how many digital audio workstations that are out there (Music Radar chose 20 of the best DAW), we’re again going with an overall safe and secure pick.

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x are foldable, collapsible, very comfortable, have interchangeable cables, and of course come with amazing, accurate sound quality.

Our choice: Focusrite Scarlett Check price\read reviews: US | UK When it came to choosing the best audio interface to recommend our readers, the brand Focusrite immediately came into mind.

Technically, you can get away with merely a studio desk, computer and a DAW (#1 and #2) if you’re strictly sampling (something we did for 8 years! However, the more you expand your setup, the more capabilities your setup will allow.

Recording equipment packages to save some money and time are always a viable option as well, but only for home studios or those just starting out.

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