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Against this emerging evidence for late settlement was some seemingly contradictory evidence from the first radiocarbon dating of ancient rat bones in 1996 which gave unusually early dates - as early as 10 AD - and led its author to suggest that rats had been brought here by early human voyagers who did not stay.Some scholars saw the early rat bone dates as confirmation of their theory that humans had settled in New Zealand even earlier than the classic theory had suggested, living in small numbers for a thousand years or so without leaving artefacts or skeletal remains However, further investigation found that those early rat bone results had been flawed, all coming from one laboratory during a limited time period, while all subsequent dating has found recent arrival times for both rats and humans.Kumara until the classical period remained in the north until the building of storage pits and gardening methods allowed its storage over winter further south.As early settlers to New Zealand came in great numbers with supplies for planting numinous crop types it is speculated that it was a planned migration to a known location.From the late 1950s onward the term Archaic and Classical culture have been used to describe the early and late phases of the prehistoric Māori.

Currently the Archaic culture is seen as semi nomadic hunter-gatherers with small gardens and populations, while the later Classical culture had large gardens and fortified permanent villages.The first settlers came to New Zealand from tropical Polynesia and adapted to a temperate environment while preserving many of their old practices.Some conservative use of tropical Polynesian methods lasted well into the Archaic period.This was confirmed in 2011 by a meta analysis of dates from throughout the Pacific which showed a sudden pulse of migration leading to all of New Zealand being settled (including the Chatham Islands) no earlier than ca 1290 AD.others are revising it upward even further to around 1320 AD or later, based on new evidence from moa egg shells and from the Kaharoa eruption of Mount Tarawera (1314±6 AD), whose tephra forms a geological layer below all well-dated human and rat sites.

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