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) and has been a valuable aid in solving some later historical problems. Eurasian labels do not perfectly fit as some level of horticulture was always present in northern New Zealand, even existing at the same time as megafauna.

Academically New Zealand's human prehistory is broadly divided into Archaic (~paleolithic then ~mesolithic) after c. More simply it can also be divided into time periods of pre and post European contact.

Particularly in locations like the southern South Island where Classical tribes may migrate to regions where only an Archaic life was possible.

Currently the Archaic culture is seen as semi nomadic hunter-gatherers with small gardens and populations, while the later Classical culture had large gardens and fortified permanent villages.

However, evidence for continued communication between New Zealand and tropical Polynesia is absent in the archaeological record.

The Māori did, however, maintained the technology for long sea voyages reaching the Chatham Islands in the 16th century.

There is also no evidence for domestic pigs and chickens from the Pacific making it to New Zealand and it can be inferred that they would have, should trade networks have been built.

There is also evidence that obsidian was traded throughout New Zealand from soon after arrival.

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As early settlers to New Zealand came in great numbers with supplies for planting numinous crop types it is speculated that it was a planned migration to a known location.

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From the late 1950s onward the term Archaic and Classical culture have been used to describe the early and late phases of the prehistoric Māori.

Archaic replacing the older term "Moa Hunter" as the hunter-gatherer society lasted beyond the mega fauna (as with Eurasia's Mesolithic).

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