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mentions under 4 July a tradition that in the persecution of Diocletian a bishop Theodorus of Cyrene was scourged and had his tongue cut out.Earlier editions of the Martyrology mentioned what may be the same person also under 26 March.

Located nearby is the ancient Necropolis of Cyrene.

Letter 67 of Synesius tells of an irregular episcopal ordination carried out by a bishop Philo of Cyrene, which was condoned by Athanasius.

The same letter mentions that a nephew of this Philo, who bore the same name, also became bishop of Cyrene.

Grinus and Corobius sailed to Platea, when they reached their destination they left Corobius with months of supplies and Grinus went back to Thera to collect men to settle the newly made colony.

After two years of settling the colony, they had little success and went back to the Pythia to get advice.

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