Dating site high iq

With her unique, compassionate, yet no-nonsense approach, Coach Katherin will teach you her powerful unique four-step approach, based on 20 years of innovative research, to gain clarity on WHO you are, WHAT you want and HOW to get what you want in your life. Time collects data to deliver the best content, services, and personalized digital ads.People can take the test twice, Jensen added, admitting that in some ways it could be viewed as discriminatory.“But there are other sites that discriminate on the basis of other criteria,” she said.Marriage experts say the results reflect changes in society.

"Maybe you can't necessarily have a happy marriage if you end up being a very high-powered woman," she said.Potential candidates have to pass an online test to prove they have an IQ of 115 or higher.The score places them in the top 15 percent of the population for intelligence, said Copenhagen-based Trine Jensen, the founder of Intelligent The paradox of the post-feminist position is how we create a social system in which both independence and inter-dependency can flourish." She said: "A chap with a high IQ is going to get a demanding job that is going to take up a lot of his energy and time.In many ways he wants a woman who is an old-fashioned wife and looks after the home, a copy of his mum in a way.

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