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Zuckerberg said: The app is said to be coming very soon, so if you’re a user of Messenger keep an eye out for that.The social media giant’s augmented reality app is making it easier to create AR content.I don’t think this will be the case but I may be wrong…Facebook bundles could make this more accessible to Zimbabweans than the current dating applications out there.In America, dating services such as Tinder and the hook-up culture is not viewed as taboo so these apps can easily gain popularity whereas in Zimbabwe people are a bit more cautious about relationships and this means engagement of such apps is usually much lower.On the other hand, Tinder may have been suffering because it’s not really popular here and maybe this new feature on Facebook will encourage wider adoption of dating services in Zimbabwe and make them more acceptable.

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If interested don’t be hesitant to contact us for more information on Whats App and texts.What do you think about the new features coming to Facebook? Do you think this will hit the ground running in Zimbabwe or will people steer clear on this one? 263 100% genuine and reliable dating service is interracial dating service that offers credible dating service nationwide Available in our circles/database/stock are attractive and dream rich sugar mummies, daddies, financially loaded Blessers and young matured ladies and gentlemen who are looking for either NSA or marriage relationship.This conference comes shortly after Facebook’s Cambridge-Analytica related struggles and this unveiling of new features may help their case as these may take user’s minds from privacy concerns to excitement for the new stuff coming their way.Firstly, FB is introducing a feature which seems a direct response to appease those who were not happy about the Cambridge Analytica situation.

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