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Photos of models and uniformed soldiers are popular, however photos can be taken from anyone who publishes them publicly online – for example, from Facebook profiles.If you’re suspicious about a new contact there is an easy way to see where their photo is being used on the web, by performing a reverse image search using Google Images.In the first three months of 2018, Kiwis reported losing .9 million to romance scams – and these are just the losses reported to Netsafe. A scammer pretends to be in a relationship with someone online in order to scam them out of money.They do this through email, social media, dating websites and other website and apps.Often they’re scamming more than one person at a time.Once they’ve worked to gain the trust of the person they’ve targeted, they will use various stories to get money or details from that person.Usually these scammers are pretending to be someone they’re not, using photos and identities of people they’ve found online.

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They will have a fake backstory, family, friends and job.Over several months I came to believe we could be together.She wanted help getting her family’s possessions transferred from Ireland and I sent money through to help.This includes letting you know the steps you can take depending on the scam you’re in and giving you advice about how to stay safe in future. As dating sites have become popular, unfortunately, so has dating fraud.

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