Dating scams check pictures

Over several months I came to believe we could be together.She wanted help getting her family’s possessions transferred from Ireland and I sent money through to help.It can be difficult to deal with the financial losses involved and the psychological trauma of being defrauded and jilted by someone they’ve come to “know” and care about.Often the person targeted can feel very embarrassed about the situation.

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We’ve had cases of romance scams reported to us where people have lost substantial amounts of money – ranging from a few hundred dollars, through to more than million.

If you believe that you have been or may have been scammed, you can contact Netsafe for free and confidential advice on what to do next.

You can report the incident to the Police, but it is very likely the scammer is operating from a country overseas.

Photos of models and uniformed soldiers are popular, however photos can be taken from anyone who publishes them publicly online – for example, from Facebook profiles.

If you’re suspicious about a new contact there is an easy way to see where their photo is being used on the web, by performing a reverse image search using Google Images.

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