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On more than one occasion, his weird take on humor wasn’t found to be funny at all. Perhaps a closet homosexual (there seems to be no clear indication if he outright claimed to be gay), Herb would seek these places out as an escape from the harsh reality he found himself in.

Worst (and similar to an episode he had during adolescence), Herb urinated on a letter meant for Robert D. His career in the thrift shop industry did result into something positive.

And of course, enjoying the company of his victims!

Seeing a dead racoon on the road, Herb reacted loudly on why local authorities decided to paint a pinstripe over the animal.

Startled by the squeaking brakes and the bike’s headlight, the huge cat retracted its claws and fled across the tracks, disappearing behind an abandoned warehouse.

There on the side of the tracks was the limp body of a small girl, face down in the rocky dirt.

With so little supervision, she became more and more prone to wandering far from her home.

It was her misfortune to have been hunting for specimens for her bug collection by the tracks the evening that the cougar passed by.

The quick and intuitive response from the EMTs, despite their never having been trained in giant cat attacks, saved her life.

Instead of simply being removed from the road, the racoon carcass became one with the paint!

As for Scott – such a great approach in tackling True Crime cases!

The girl, Jasmine Johnson, lived a few blocks from those tracks in a small, under-furnished house, part of a projects development in which drug dealing and turf battles were becoming a way of life.

Recent layoffs at the nearby Electric General plant had exacerbated the situation as many young adults now had too much time on their hands.

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