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While researching the phenomenon, Yle received confirmation that the Central Finland Police Department is investigating the suspected rape of a 17-year-old girl in a case linked to sugar dating.However Detective Chief Inspector Jari Kinnunen declined to reveal details of the case, citing the victim's right to privacy.Both websites said that sugar dating is not about the sex trade, adding that all forms of selling sex are prohibited on their services.In Finland the selling and buying of sex is legal, unless the trade involves pimping or victims of human trafficking.The so-called sugar dating phenomenon that is taking off in Finland is often described as a kind of relationship in which an older person -- a sugar daddy or mum -- bestows gifts or cash on a younger sugar baby, sometimes in exchange for consensual sexual favours.

These girls love to dance, party and drink whenever they get chance, and they probably know how to handle their liquor well, too.

If you’re just getting to know a Finnish woman, keep physical contact to a minimum.

A handshake should be fine, but please ask if she’s okay with it first.

My only marriage was a relationship of over 30 years, resulting in an incredible daughter and son, both adults now.

Ive had a lot of personal growth since my divorce, and have a far better understanding of myself and ..

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