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I'd drop on an Eagle's game ticket for this season, if they weren't sold out. If the box seats were the same sort of bleachers you sit on at highschool games, they're open air and SUNLIGHT and your perk are free crappy hotdogs and chips and salsa you think there might be a problem with the old stadium!?Hell, the Cards have a chance to do pretty well this season. At a time when people are trying to sue their way into the NFL to and forgo anytime at college, can you really blame the guy for staying and getting his degree? Staying the extra year and honing his skills at USC will help him more in the long run than leaving early for the money.If anything, the reason the stadium hurt the Cards as an orginization is that they consistently had the home half of their schedule weighted toward the end of the season when it was cooler. On numerous occasions he said he understood the risk he was taking when he came back. Being that the Cards have notoriously bad owners who knows if they are dicking him around or not.By the time they were playing the majority of their home games they were already out of contention, so games didn't sell well, and they lost out on both ticket revenue and local TV revenue. But there is no way he should be getting 1-3 pick type money.Kurt Warner's not the worst man to have behind center, plus, that added Edgerrin, and they still have Larry Fitzgerald, and a couple other WR's I'm not remembering. (As long as he doesnt get hurt) It's quite obvious that Lienart doesn't want to be a great NFL QB.

I realize it sounds spoiled for him to complain with such high dollars on the table, but (if this is true) there's no reason the team should pay him less.I saw the Discovery Channel thing on the stadium, and I was thoroughly impressed.The field moves out of the stadium to get light, and moves back into the stadium for game time. leinart's agent has noticed something very important.Even playing on a crappy team is still valuable NFL experience. Regardless, I still think Lienart will be an average QB. There was a lot of talent around him making him look better at USC.If the frigging heat at Sun Devil Stadium is such a massive factor, you'd expect the Sun Devils to have a Cardinal type record, which they (typically) don't. It's the suckiness of the Cardinals as an organization./Sun Devil//Was there for the unbeaten regular season///Lived in The Towers and would walk in to Cards games////Likes Denver now....

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