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Discover how the Heinz family business began with eight-year old Henry John Heinz selling produce from his mother’s garden in Sharpsburg and grew to a worldwide company with more than 5,700 products in 200 countries around the globe.The History Center houses the largest collection of Heinz company artifacts and archival material in the world.In the US, they launch Heinz Tomato Ketchup followed by a launch in the UK in 1886.1886 'I think Mr Heinz, we will take the lot' Henry sells his first products ­ 'seven varieties of our finest and newest goods' ­ to London's famous Fortnum & Mason food store.The collection is beautifully highlighted in this 2,700 square-foot exhibit. A long-term exhibition at the History Center, the exhibit explores the important history behind one man’s entrepreneurial spirit and how he shaped the global corporation that continues to bear his name today.Eye-catching displays and innovative interactives envelop the visitor in the world of H. From its humble beginnings in a Sharpsburg garden, Henry John Heinz’s commitment to quality and innovation made the Heinz name synonymous with these qualities.The story of how Heinz came to be one of the world's best loved brands began over 140 years ago.Take a trip back with us, and find out how Henry J Heinz ensured his name would become associated with quality, variety and good taste by food lovers everywhere.

Feeding families looking for value, taste and quality, they become top sellers 1940s What, no ketchup? Because of its major contribution to wartime food production, our Harlesden factory is bombed at least twice. Heinz commemorates 100 years of providing British families with quality convenience foods.This October, the Heinz History Center will celebrate Heinztoberfest, a month-long initiative to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the H. Heinztoberfest will culminate with a special edition of the History Center’s eighth annual Hometown-Homegrown™ food festival, presented in partnership with Good Taste! The sizer illustrated the variety of Heinz pickles that could be purchased by the grocer.Because Heinz regulated the size of the pickles in barrels and jars they could tell grocers exactly how many pickles were in each and calculate accurately the profit.To draw visitors, he printed tags offering a free souvenir at the Heinz display and scattered them on the fairgrounds.Hundreds of thousands of people climbed the stairs to the Heinz exhibit, where they tasted food samples and received a pickle charm.

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